Dieppa Media

A Journey is an unending quest for mediums of expression. The maps which we tailor as we unfold through the world of events are worth checking out. The voyage, ultimately, is just the aim– getting there is the story. Dieppa Music is a recollection of incidents, happenings, occurrences and circumstances of importance. Different, distinctive, contrasting, yet complimentary, Beethoven, kids, Hendrix, books, cd’s and videos, journals, articles, Kahlo, Salome, Liszt, and radio stations, all have a common thread. If you are looking for a particular detail, picture, event, stats, facts or data, Dieppa Music might be the place. Or, if you are looking for the were abouts of ‘Sinfonía Latina’– this is your find.  And, if just browsing – enjoy!