Dieppa Experience

‘Dieppa’, Roberto McCausland-Dieppa, is a synesthetic musical artist-pianist, conductor and composer- democratizing classical music with creativity, innovation and heightened energy. Bringing seemingly incongruent musical worlds together, ‘Dieppa’ entrances and behooves the listener with exotic rhythmic counterpoint in an apparent traditional setting.

Enjoying the ‘Enchanted’ pieces for orchestra, the ‘Dances’ in Caribe Variations for chamber ensemble, the unparalleled sensitivity of the piano ‘Inspirations’,…. or Beethoven, Liszt, and Ravel,  ‘Dieppa’ lifts your soul and spirit with ingenuity, might, generativity, and the boldness of a rake. Yet, adventure, sensitivity and sensuality permeate. Genuine authenticity ‘crafted’ in the classics, Dieppa invites innumerable hearings guiding us in exploring further and deeper into a journey. Artistic ‘Artisanal’ interpretations, carefully guided, labeled, imaged, with epic intrigue and meaning… sheer joy and verve… becoming new classics of our musical generation, are within pleasurable reach.

A unique experience, where you can be actively involved, if you wish, or partner in the joy of the journey, Dieppa Experience will lift your soul and spirit… dance your mind and heart… when you most want and desire creative inspiration.