Dieppa Orchestra

When Dieppa commands, it is rhythm and counterpoint, all tethered into an enchanting aural dance. Bringing seemingly incongruent musical worlds together, fortuitously surprising. For the new generation of listeners and expanded percussion section is a mandate.

Eleven strikers, beaters and shakers, two large marimbas summed into a classical orchestra-astound; instruments playing novel sonorities. Democratizing traditions means opening everyone’s mind. Popular and Caribbean players, conservatory trained musicians, rockers, jazzers, soloist prima donnas, binding , creating magical sounds and rhythms. Creativity, innovation and heightened energy, rock the audience and the Clássico Caribe Orchestra….. Nowhere more available than in first area of the suite for Orchestra ‘ Tres Piezas Encantadas ‘ – Inspiracion: De un tema sobre el río Magdalena. Ravel-ian obstinatos, under Hendrix- ian riffs, some sweet Santana-ish melodies, blended with exotic Caribbean dance rhythms and movements unique to Shakira and the northern Colombian coastline.