Dieppa Kids

Nothing is more important than creating pathways and legacies for our children and their children. Dieppa Kids starts with the innate ability to reach kids through their curiosity and their love of listening to stories- imaginatively. How often does one listen to the radio vividly picturing in our minds who may be speaking or performing. Imagination, which may rule all, is key in keeping kids entertained. Who is Beethoven, what did he do, who did he do it with, the how’s and the why’s may be answered in the short, beautifully penned and illustrated -‘The adventures of Robelio’- Beethoven for Kids, by Roberto McCausland Dieppa. Amusing short stories based on fantasy and reality accompany simplified versions of Ludwig’s most prominently known teaching and listening piano pieces. Audio books and tracks accompany the different versions- hard and soft cover, iBook and ebooks, exist for convenience. Interested in just listening to the music, a complete cd ‘Beethoven for Kids’ and ‘Beethoven for Kids and teens’ is there for you. Join the fantastic world of music for kids….. for children, young adults, parents and grandparents and for the kid in you! Immerse in the story, the character and the joy of sharing unforgettable quality time in family quarters with special character stories.