Dieppa Author

New ways of sensing giving perspectives that are unique is genius. Henry Ford, Madame Curie, Albert Einstein and Glenn Gould gave life to unnoticed points of views. Gould’s and Einstein’s sensitivity to sound and color relinquished beautiful realities always present. Madame Curie and Henry Ford made a process give birth to a unique experience. Writing, sharing significant and profound happenings illuminates our path to great entertainment, happiness and wisdom. Dieppa’s musical journals, were rhythm, dance, counterpoint and melody are all embroidered into exquisitely written texts: How we Learn Music, Garcia-Marquez and Bartok, Liszt: Music, Rhythm, Dance and Language, Classical Soccer World Cup Artists, Lovers and Warriors, ilucidate. And, when thematic material points at ‘femenine wisdom of the ages’ – Bat Sheva and Cleopatra- Alma Mahler and Lou Andreas Salome, -Shakira, Teresa Carreño, Kahlo and Isabel Allende, Dieppa is unchallenged. Few have the finesse, humor, reference frame and intriguing, stimulating invigorating, distinctive story telling facility. What an experience !