Dieppa Experience

‘Dieppa’, Roberto McCausland-Dieppa, is a synesthetic musical artist-pianist, conductor and composer- democratizing classical music with creativity, innovation and heightened energy. Bringing seemingly incongruent musical worlds together, ‘Dieppa’ entrances and behooves the listener with exotic rhythmic counterpoint in an apparent traditional setting.

Enjoying the ‘Enchanted’ pieces for orchestra, the ‘Dances’ in Caribe Variations for chamber ensemble, the unparalleled sensitivity of the piano ‘Inspirations’,…. or Beethoven, Liszt, and Ravel,  ‘Dieppa’ lifts your soul and spirit with ingenuity, might, generativity, and the boldness of a rake. Yet, adventure, sensitivity and sensuality permeate. Genuine authenticity ‘crafted’ in the classics, Dieppa invites innumerable hearings guiding us in exploring further and deeper into a journey. Artistic ‘Artisanal’ interpretations, carefully guided, labeled, imaged, with epic intrigue and meaning… sheer joy and verve… becoming new classics of our musical generation, are within pleasurable reach.

A unique experience, where you can be actively involved, if you wish, or partner in the joy of the journey, Dieppa Experience will lift your soul and spirit… dance your mind and heart… when you most want and desire creative inspiration.







Dieppa Clásico

Democratizing traditions for enjoyment of contemporary audiences is a must. A new generation of listeners demands a new approach and openness. After all, transparency, broad minded access is the aphorism of our generation. -A pianist akin to a new age of listeners- Readings of the traditional repertoire with a deep rhythmic sense, behooving bonding intensity, and freedom are staked.

Artistic ‘Artisanal’ interpretations, -fresh, clean, clear where sounds and phrases, blend into a larger musical story carefully guided, labeled, imaged, with epic intrigue and meaning- embued in a heroic milieu, amidst sheer joy and verve. All accessible in labeled sections. Dieppa invites numerous listens, in either sections, areas, entire tracks or how you may enjoy. Newness demands joyful familiarity. Yet, surely, Dieppa Pianism will always lift your spirit with ingenuity, might and boldness.

Dieppa Orchestra

When Dieppa commands, it is rhythm and counterpoint, all tethered into an enchanting aural dance. Bringing seemingly incongruent musical worlds together, fortuitously surprising. For the new generation of listeners and expanded percussion section is a mandate.

Eleven strikers, beaters and shakers, two large marimbas summed into a classical orchestra-astound; instruments playing novel sonorities. Democratizing traditions means opening everyone’s mind. Popular and Caribbean players, conservatory trained musicians, rockers, jazzers, soloist prima donnas, binding , creating magical sounds and rhythms. Creativity, innovation and heightened energy, rock the audience and the Clássico Caribe Orchestra….. Nowhere more available than in first area of the suite for Orchestra ‘ Tres Piezas Encantadas ‘ – Inspiracion: De un tema sobre el río Magdalena. Ravel-ian obstinatos, under Hendrix- ian riffs, some sweet Santana-ish melodies, blended with exotic Caribbean dance rhythms and movements unique to Shakira and the northern Colombian coastline.

Dieppa Author

New ways of sensing giving perspectives that are unique is genius. Henry Ford, Madame Curie, Albert Einstein and Glenn Gould gave life to unnoticed points of views. Gould’s and Einstein’s sensitivity to sound and color relinquished beautiful realities always present. Madame Curie and Henry Ford made a process give birth to a unique experience. Writing, sharing significant and profound happenings illuminates our path to great entertainment, happiness and wisdom. Dieppa’s musical journals, were rhythm, dance, counterpoint and melody are all embroidered into exquisitely written texts: How we Learn Music, Garcia-Marquez and Bartok, Liszt: Music, Rhythm, Dance and Language, Classical Soccer World Cup Artists, Lovers and Warriors, ilucidate. And, when thematic material points at ‘femenine wisdom of the ages’ – Bat Sheva and Cleopatra- Alma Mahler and Lou Andreas Salome, -Shakira, Teresa Carreño, Kahlo and Isabel Allende, Dieppa is unchallenged. Few have the finesse, humor, reference frame and intriguing, stimulating invigorating, distinctive story telling facility. What an experience !

Dieppa Caribe

For a magical Journey somewhere between, Marquez, Hemingway, and the ‘Rolling Stones’, Classico Caribe is where it’s at. Intense, exotic, brave and humorous, entering this frame of mind is rewarding. The new genre is literate, daring, overt, elegant, all absorbing. Be aware, Caribe never wants to part from you. You will always keep it in your listening. What ‘claves’ will be used, what tunes will come forth, who knows- perhaps you will guide the new sounds. It’s the audience, the composer, the performer all in one sphere- Classico Caribe is all involving. Sounds, word and image resolving. Allow the flow to drift you into a new parameter… Dieppa Experience presents the sounds and sentiments long awaited…

Dieppa Kids

Nothing is more important than creating pathways and legacies for our children and their children. Dieppa Kids starts with the innate ability to reach kids through their curiosity and their love of listening to stories- imaginatively. How often does one listen to the radio vividly picturing in our minds who may be speaking or performing. Imagination, which may rule all, is key in keeping kids entertained. Who is Beethoven, what did he do, who did he do it with, the how’s and the why’s may be answered in the short, beautifully penned and illustrated -‘The adventures of Robelio’- Beethoven for Kids, by Roberto McCausland Dieppa. Amusing short stories based on fantasy and reality accompany simplified versions of Ludwig’s most prominently known teaching and listening piano pieces. Audio books and tracks accompany the different versions- hard and soft cover, iBook and ebooks, exist for convenience. Interested in just listening to the music, a complete cd ‘Beethoven for Kids’ and ‘Beethoven for Kids and teens’ is there for you. Join the fantastic world of music for kids….. for children, young adults, parents and grandparents and for the kid in you! Immerse in the story, the character and the joy of sharing unforgettable quality time in family quarters with special character stories.

Dieppa Media

A Journey is an unending quest for mediums of expression. The maps which we tailor as we unfold through the world of events are worth checking out. The voyage, ultimately, is just the aim– getting there is the story. Dieppa Music is a recollection of incidents, happenings, occurrences and circumstances of importance. Different, distinctive, contrasting, yet complimentary, Beethoven, kids, Hendrix, books, cd’s and videos, journals, articles, Kahlo, Salome, Liszt, and radio stations, all have a common thread. If you are looking for a particular detail, picture, event, stats, facts or data, Dieppa Music might be the place. Or, if you are looking for the were abouts of ‘Sinfonía Latina’– this is your find.  And, if just browsing – enjoy!