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Dieppa: Clasico Caribe California Colombia- Musical Artist: Home

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  February 26, 2016 WSCL/NPR



Roberto McCausland Dieppa, piano
ISBN# 8 88295 14078 2
For many years now, Dieppa has used a logo of his hair and glasses as a signature.  This kind of negative space image says a lot about the fully integrated artistic approach that he has to his music, and also the modernity of his approach to recording.  (Humorously, in our presidential run, this logo of a shock of hair and glasses appears to be his endorsement for Bernie Sanders, whose campaign has begun using a similar image.)  Dieppa's performances are rich in nuance and tonal blending.  This Cd of "Encores II" are just that - well loved and immensely popular works - performed by a master.

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Kara Dahl Russell


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Beethoven Autumn Passion: Three Great Sonatas a World Wide Success!   

  Beethoven Playlist

BEETHOVEN  Piano Sonatas: No. 23, “Appassionata;” No. 8, “Pathétique;” No. 14, “Moonlight;” No. 26, “Les Adieux”: Andante and Finale • Roberto McCausland Dieppa . A favored classical radio recording and press from Formosa to Turkey, London and Buenos Aires. 

  Classic Dieppa

    Sept. 5, 2014 WSCL /NPR

    Three Great Sonatas
    Roberto McCausland Dieppa, piano
    Scruffy Records 020567658
    ISBN # 8 88295 10573 6
    Official Website of Roberto McCausland Dieppa
    Columbia born pianist Dieppa rose to prominence as a classical pianist, winning the Merrill-Lynch prize in 2002, and in 2006 winning the Pro-Arte Hungarica prize for performances of Liszt and Bartok, leading to work with Henry Kissinger for the United Nations to celebrate the 50th anniversay of the Hungarian revolution on 1956.  His work as conductor and composer have broadened to classical fusion, as well as a focus on the music of his native country, and his own works infused with a multi-continental muse.   Here he returns to basic works of Beethoven, given his own unique style and energy.  From the structure of the CD you see his acknowledgement of current listening patterns, where each movement of complete works is listed separately.  It is an acceptance that today's listener may just listen to one particular movement, then move on.

    Thanks again to Stephanie Clark, our S.U. practicum, for pulling together the CD pictures, websites, and basic information to help you find out more about the works that pique your interest.



Autumn Passion: Beethoven Retrospective, Three Great Sonatas One Encore

MP3 Music


Despite the album design, which appears to have been entrusted to an adolescent Arctic Monkeys fan, this is a serious and significant release by a serious and significant artist, performing serious and significant music, and it’s far from being what’s often described deprecatingly as a vanity release.

   Dieppa' Beethoven...Passion...

     American Record Guide, Kang Feb.2015

Roberto McCausland Dieppa is a Colombian-born pianist, composer, and conductor with a Doctorate of Music in Liszt studies and credits from the Eastman School of Music. In recognition of his special attention to Liszt and Bartók, Dieppa was awarded the Pro-Arte Prize by the Ministry of Culture of Hungary

Extensive touring has taken Dieppa to Europe, Latin America, Japan, India, the UK, Australia, Eastern Europe, and the U.S., where he played for a full house at Carnegie Hall, the first Colombian pianist to do so successfully. His piano repertoire and recordings include music of Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Debussy, Ravel, Bartók, and Mompou, as well as Latin-American and Spanish contemporary composers. 

The immediate question that comes to mind about this release is whether there’s really a need or a place for another version of Beethoven’s “big three” piano sonatas, each of which has at least 300 recordings. The answer is a resounding yes, when they’re played as they are here by Roberto McCausland Dieppa, for he gives us some of the finest, most insightful readings of these scores I’ve heard. 

    ...The Pianist shows a firm command of the sonatas' varied challenges...

  Gramaphone, Nov. 2014 - Rosenberg

Everything Dieppa does is in moderation. Tempos in fast movements are not slow, but they’re not rushed or pushed. Unlike Fazil Say, Dieppa is not on a kamikaze mission to prove his bravery. If anything, he is a bit on the self-effacing side, resisting the temptation to make the music about him instead of about Beethoven. The result is performances of clarity, transparency, and revelation of felicitous details that allow the notes to speak for themselves.For example, listen to how meticulously Dieppa observes the  poco ritardando marking in bar 12 of the “Appassionata” Sonata (not counting the quarter of a bar upbeat at the beginning). Beethoven then supplies his own dramatic flourish at the a tempo a bar later. There’s no need for exaggeration; it’s built into the score. 

   ...the opening of Appassionata is astounding in its depth and richness...

 American Record Guide, Kang  Feb. 2015

This is just one of countless points at which Dieppa’s respectful approach to these works yields a refreshing perspective on Beethoven’s vision, one cleansed of the interpretive accretions of 200 years of performance practices. Dieppa’s Beethoven comes about as close to echt Beethoven as I think I’ve heard. Needless to say, all repeats are observed. 

Moreover, there’s fluidity to Dieppa’s touch and an apperception of larger, long-range rhythmic patterns that go beyond a single bar or phrase, which contribute to a sense of inevitability in the unfolding of the musical organism. Too, I should mention the gorgeous tone Dieppa draws from his Baldwin grand, which was beautifully recorded at a location undisclosed by the poorly documented album note and credits. 

   ...incredible sensitivity to dynamics...

American Record Guide, Kang Feb. 2015

Though I personally received a physical CD for review, as of this writing in late September 2014, I’ve only been able to find this release available in download form at Amazon, CDBaby, and Rhapsody. However, I have been informed, pre-going-to-press, that by the time you read this the CD will be available at ArkivMusic. In whatever form you find it, Dieppa’s Beethoven is an experience not to be missed. Jerry Dubins




Late Night: Encores II Roberto McCausland Dieppa,Pianist A Deep Late Night Evening Epicurean Voyage featured in Piano International Magazine ,


cc:CDDMUSICCO/GSLMadisonAveNYC                images_1_.png                                                              

                                                                            encores_II_pic_resized.jpg...Dieppa is a past winner of the Pro-arte Hungarica Award for his performances of Liszt and opens this new disc with ... a compelling account of the Noturno from Liebestraume...

     Wulf, International Piano Magazine, July 2015


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Encores II: Late Night, Roberto McCausland Dieppa, Piano - February 26, 2016


Late Night: Encores II Roberto McCausland Dieppa,Pianist A Deep Late Night Evening Epicurean Voyage in International Piano Magazine 



Face Book Artist Page - January 19, 2016

Pasion Otoñal: Beethoven Tres Grandes Sonatas, World Wide Home Run ESP - June 6, 2015

BEETHOVEN: Piano Sonatas Nos. 23, "Appassionata"; 8, "Patética"; 14, "Claro de luna"; 26, "Das Lebewohl"  Roberto McCausland Dieppa (pn)  desaliñado REGISTROS 020567658 (68:31)

A pesar del diseño del álbum, que parece haber sido confiada a un adolescente fanático de Arctic Monkeys, esta es una versión seria y significativa por un artista serio y significativo, la realización de la música seria y significativa, y está lejos de ser lo que se describe a menudo despectivamente como un tocador de  vandad.Roberto McCausland Dieppa es un colombiano nacido el pianista, compositor y director de orquesta con un Doctorado en Música en los estudios de Liszt y créditos de la Eastman School of Music. En reconocimiento a su especial atención a Liszt y Bartók, Dieppa fue galardonado con el Premio Pro-Arte por el Ministerio de Cultura de Hungría.Extensa gira ha tomado Dieppa a Europa, América Latina, Japón, la India, el Reino Unido, Australia, Europa del Este, y los EE.UU., donde jugó para una casa llena en el Carnegie Hall, el primer pianista colombiano para hacerlo con éxito. Su repertorio de piano y grabaciones incluyen la música de Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Debussy, Ravel, Bartók y Mompou, así como compositores contemporáneos latinoamericanos y españoles.La pregunta inmediata que viene a la mente acerca de esta versión es si hay realmente una necesidad o un lugar para otra versión de "tres grandes" sonatas para piano de Beethoven, cada uno de los cuales tiene al menos 300 grabaciones. La respuesta es un rotundo sí, cuando se interpretan como están aquí por Roberto McCausland Dieppa, porque él nos da algunas de las mejores lecturas, más interesantes de estas puntuaciones que he escuchado.

  ...'el pianista demuestra firme comando de los varios retos de las sonatas'...

  Gramophone, Nov. 2014   Rosenberg

Todo Dieppa hace es con moderación. Tempos en movimientos rápidos no son lentos, pero no están apresuraron o empujados. A diferencia de Fazil Say, Dieppa no está en una misión kamikaze, para demostrar su valentía. En todo caso, él es un poco en el lado modesto, resistiendo la tentación de hacer la música de él en lugar de sobre Beethoven. El resultado es actuaciones de la claridad, la transparencia, y la revelación de detalles afortunadas que permiten a las notas hablen por sí mismos. Por ejemplo, escuchar cómo meticulosamente Dieppa observa el ritardando Poco marcado en la barra 12 de la "Appassionata" Sonata (sin contar el cuarto de un bar optimista al comienzo). Beethoven luego suministra su propia floreo dramático en el Tempo un bar después. No hay necesidad de exageración; que está construido en la partitura.Este es sólo uno de los innumerables puntos en los que el enfoque respetuoso de Dieppa a estas obras da una perspectiva refers ante sobre la visión de Beethoven,  limpio de las acumulaciones de interpretación de 200 años de prácticas de desempeño. Beethoven Dieppa viene lo más cercano a Echt Beethoven, ya que creo que he oído. Sobra decir que se observan todas las repeticiones.Por otra parte, hay fluidez al toque de Dieppa y una percepción de mayor tamaño, de largo alcance patrones rítmicos que van más allá de una sola barra o frase, que contribuyen a un sentido de inevitabilidad en el desarrollo del organismo musical. De todo, debo mencionar el tono precioso Dieppa saca de su gran Baldwin, que estaba muy bien grabado en un lugar no revelado por el álbum pobremente documentada nota y créditos.Aunque yo personalmente recibí un CD físico para su revisión, a partir de este escrito a finales de septiembre de 2014, sólo he sido capaz de encontrar este comunicado está disponible en forma de descarga en Amazon, CDBaby, y Rhapsody. Sin embargo, se me ha informado, antes de ir-a-prensa, que por el momento de leer esto el CD estará disponible en ArkivMusic. En cualquier forma que lo encuentras, Beethoven Dieppa es una experiencia que no debe perderse. Jerry Dubins




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